Geographical Spread: KPK, Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan

Name of Client: British Council

Under the Programme Ilmpossible

Take a Child to School, British Council with its nationwide network of implementing partners was successful in the enrolment of 225,000 out of school children back in school. This achievement was possible after the focused effort of more than 11,000 volunteers spread across the country, who displayed commitment towards the goal of changing the future of the children in their communities, and possibly the future of their community. However, the efforts of thousands of young volunteers and hundred of Mohalla Committees working together across the country had a high potential of eventually fizzling out if the process ended with enrolment. The second and equally important task was to ensure that the freshly enrolled students were retained. Although the volunteers of the program, also referred to as Ilmbassadors, regularly visited schools and ensured the attendance of freshly enrolled students, it was a collective realization that it is essential to provide these students with a wholesome learning experience.

The primary reason for the general disinters amongst students was understood to be the monotonous school day, lack of extracurricular activities, and a student-teacher bond which was rooted in fear instead of love for learning. Among other factors that contribute to an overall learning environment, the ones mentioned contributed to high drop out rates. Hence, School of Leadership Foundation in collaboration with the British Council developed the retention initiative, DOSTI; an interactive and engaging life skill education and sports-based program.

  • Ensure retention of the freshly enrolled students.
  • Provide students with an engaging and healthy learning environment.
  • Improve the existing student-teacher bond.
  • Keeping in view the current environment and typical day of learning in public schools, it was decided to develop content around activities that would enhance student’s interest in school, the lack of which has led to increasing in drop out rates. In addition to sports activities that aim to promote a healthier lifestyle along with providing students with a fun activity, DOSTI also focuses on building basic life skills through relatable stories.