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Citizenship & Peace

Propogate universal values; sensitization to rights & responsibilities; create a sense of global & local citizenship; and focus on commonalities for enduring peace

Awareness & Training

Develop greater understanding of local & national issues through engagement & dialogue; cultivate constructive attitudes; & equip with soft & technical skills for enhanced efficacy

Health & Livelihood

Facilitate healthy & empowered living through advocacy, access to facilities, opportunities & placements; emphasize self-sufficiency, inter-dependence & synergy

How can you help?

Help for a Cause

A decent education, three square meals and a roof on your head means you are much better off than over 70% of your fellow citizens. The 'haves' owe it to the 'have-nots' to bridge the gap; the inverse side of rights is responsibilities & each one of you must do your part and work for incremental change. You can contribute not only with money but also with your talent and time.

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About us

SoLF is a national-scale youth-led organization. Founded in 2003 as the 'Field of Dreams', SoLF has nurtured numerous social projects and change-makers ever since. In 2012, SoLF was relaunched with the tagline 'Growing Human Capital' and identified 'Citizenship & Peace', 'Awareness & Training' and 'Health & Livelihood' as its areas of focus. Today, SoLF enjoys partnerships with key public and private sector organizations and is widely recognized for its break-through ideas, creative communication, memorable facilitation and valuable outcomes.