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SoLF to train TACS facilitators
By: admin
Oct 14, 2014

As part of Phase II of ILMPOSSIBLE: Take a Child to School (TACS), a joint collaboration of British Council and Educate A Child, the School of Leadership Foundation (SoLF) is all set to start another round of ‘Training of Facilitators’ (ToFs). In its capacity as strategic partner, SoLF has designed the ToFs for the entire programme.

TACS focuses on enrolment and retention of out-of-school children, with a target of 135,000 such children enrolled and retained in their area schools, and their progress monitors by project personnel including Ilmbassadors, Community Mobilisers and Mohalla Committee members.

Phase I of TACS focuses on enrolment while Phase II covers the ‘retention model’. Currently, it has been rolled out in 6 districts, encompassing 60 schools, which will shortly increase to 24 districts. The project targets children between the ages of 5-9 year old.

As part of the ToFs, facilitators will learn how to train teachers so that they can motivate children to not only enroll but continue their education; latest educational trends; incorporation of sports and other recreational activities to make school ‘fun’ for the children.

This is Level 1 of ToF. Level 2 entails training of teachers by these trained facilitators, as they transfer the skills to the teachers. In level 3, teachers will deliver this program to students.