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YLC, JLC participants start ‘Social Action Projects’
By: admin
Oct 14, 2014

Participants of the Young Leaders’ Conference (18-24 year olds) and the Junior Leaders’ Conference (10-16 year olds) have started sending in reports of their Social Action Projects (SAPs). While the conferences are organized by SoL, the SAPs are an SoLF project.

The purpose of SAPs is for participants to design a project that facilitates social change. It could be transference of skills, knowledge and learnings to peers or any action that in any way benefits society. Participants are free to decide on the magnitude of the project. They can be done by individuals or by groups. Non-conference participants can also be made part of the SAP team.

In the past, participants of YLC have set-up entire organizations working on policy change, advocacy and social issues. Similarly, JLC participants have also exhibited great pro-activeness and initiative in devising projects that show maturity beyond their tender years.

SAPs also benefits those executing it along with the intended beneficiaries as it provides learning by experience, while also inculcating a sense of empathy among participants. Participants of previous conferences have attributed SAPs as instrumental in bringing about personal growth.

SAPs are a mandatory part of the JLC & YLC, organized by SoL, and participants only get their certificates after submission of their SAP report.