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Citizenship & Peace - SoLF

Shazia Khawar
Director Society,
South Asia
British Council

“School of Leadership Foundation (SoLF) is a Strategic Partner for Active Citizens Pakistan – British Council’s global programme for community development, youth and citizenship.

SoLF is leading on the facilitator development component, and supports British Council in content creation and contextualisation, training of facilitators, quality assurance and community support visits. We trust SoLF’s ability as an institution to understand the core objectives of the programme and ensure all deliverables are met.

Despite having a range of programmes and partner projects, SoLF’s commitment and time to Active Citizens ensures that it is a high quality programme. The growing demand for SoLF consultants and trainers, both nationally and internationally, level of engagement at its events from key stakeholders and the quality of work makes SoLF a sustainable, credible and reliable organisation to work with.”

Partnership with British Council

SoLF has earned British Council’s trust over a period of a time, developing a long-term umbrella partnership wherein British Council benefits from SoLF’s expertise in:

Content Development
Training of Facilitators
Facilitator Support Visits

Partnership Milestones

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Programmes in Progress

ILMPOSSIBLE - Take a Child to School
‘Take a Child to School’ (TACS) is part of the global project of British Council & Educate A Child (EAC), which envisions enrollment and retention of 135,000 out-of-school children in Sindh, Punjab and KPK. SoLF has facilitated in the program design, creating literature and tool-kits and conducting ‘Training of Facilitators’ (ToFs) for capacity building and orientation of program personnel. SoLF also manages the project’s local partnerships and conducts support visits.
Active Citizens Pakistan
Active Citizens Pakistan (ACP) focuses on building a network of leaders who bring about positive social change through community engagement & volunteering. SoLF created input on the guidebook used by ACF volunteers, conducted soft skills training & carried out support visits to ensure completion of key deliverables and milestones.
DOSTI - Unity Through Sports
DOSTI, part of the Active Citizens program, utilizes sports to address issues of conflict and peace in Karachi. Through various sports-based activities, it works on ethnic, religious and interest-based conflicts by helping people identify common ground. SoLF also developed the program module from scratch, and trained British Council trainers and facilitators to conduct the program locally. DOSTI has received widespread praise, as youth from diverse communities have been able to overcome prejudices while on the field.