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Awareness & Training - SoLF


Awareness, we believe, leads to realization; it is the key to taking responsibility and provides the impetus for action. Creative communication, plurality of thought and flexibility of method being our tools to reach-out, campaign, sensitize and educate, we advocate through:

Understanding the context between the visual & the textual, local as well as global, we design compelling narratives that impact the modern-day consciousness. Be it facebook, twitter, vimeo, youtube or any other platform, we get the message across through medium-centric, thematically substantial content.
With a wide network of academic institutes and an in-depth understanding of the student-mindset, we continue to enjoy unparalleled success on campuses around Pakistan, promoting principles, championing causes and attacking apathy, and enlisting support of generations of future leaders.
Our strong network of grass-root level implementing partners provides access to over 50 districts across Pakistan, while the understanding and appreciation of regional diversity and cultural uniqueness means we speak the local language. Clarity of thought, simplicity of idea and brevity of message ensures effectiveness; and the embracing of indigenous culture creates connections and memories.
Customized intervention addressing micro-level issues falls within the ambit of our expertise. With a thematic approach that places due emphasis on situation and context, we create non-judgemental spaces for the open exchange of thoughts and ideas, issue exploration and reviewing solutions.


SoLF’s in-house trainers and panel of consultants have vast amounts of experience in designing, delivering, monitoring and evaluating trainings. International exposure and local understanding gives their sessions a unique flavour.

The scope of trainings we offer to other organisations and in our partnership projects encompass:

Community Mobilization
Proposal & Report Writing
Monitoring & Evaluation
Training of Trainers
Project Management
Vision & Team Building
Conflict Resolution
Peace Thru Sports
Employability Skills
Advocacy & Campaigning
Child Rights & Protection
Transformational Leadership
Disability & Accessibility
Gender Mainstreaming
Social Media Skills