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Contribute - SoLF

Volunteer your time

There is a lot that you can do to help us with our causes. From management skills to technical expertise, from manning a stall to digital media advocacy, there are many ways for you to lend a helping hand. Be a supporter and patron of SoLF! Sign up below to stay updated and informed of all volunteering opportunities.

Initiate a project

We welcome out-of-the-box thinking; novelty and ingenuity of ideas is the fuel that keeps our passion ablaze. If there is an idea that you believe in strongly enough, drop us a line or come visit. That’s how most of us got started! At SoLF, its not resources but resourcefulness that resonates.


Spread the word

From time to time, we need support to get the word around. These could be announcements, campaigns, social media marketing or call for action that need to be shared and spread. Even ‘a good word or two’ can make a world of difference. Are you willing to help us take our message forward?

Make a donation

Lastly, your generous donations play a pivotal role in helping us achieve our goal. You can identify the specific cause you want to contribute to and we will ensure that you stay informed about how your donation is helping change lives. Every penny counts!

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