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The Foundation - SoLF

SoLF is a national-scale youth-led organization. Founded in 2003 as the 'Field of Dreams', SoLF has nurtured numerous social projects & change-makers ever since. In 2012, SoLF was relaunched with the tagline 'Growing Human Capital' & identified 'Citizenship & Peace', 'Awareness & Training' & 'Health & Livelihood' as its areas of focus. Today, SoLF enjoys partnerships with key public, development & private sector organizations & is widely recognized for its break-through ideas, creative communication, memorable facilitation & valuable outcomes.

Citizenship & Peace

Propogate universal values; sensitization to rights & responsibilities; create a sense of global & local citizenship; and focus on commonalities for enduring peace

Awareness & Training

Develop greater understanding of local & national issues through engagement & dialogue; cultivate constructive attitudes; & equip with soft & technical skills for enhanced efficacy

Health & Livelihood

Facilitate healthy & empowered living through advocacy, access to facilities, opportunities & placements; emphasize self-sufficiency, inter-dependence & synergy

Leadership Team

Kamran Rizvi
Founder & Trustee

For Kamran, SoLF is a platform to bring about much needed social change. He is dedicated to creating a more equitable society where everyone has the chance to survive and thrive.

Shireen Naqvi
Founder & Trustee

A staunch believer in the inherent goodness of humanity, Shireen envisions SoLF as a means of facilitating that spirit and bring about individual and collective improvement

Saima Khan
Partnerships Developer

Part of the troika on which the edifice of SoLF stands, Saima's penetrative gaze unravels complex problems and complicated individuals with consummate ease.

Umair Jaliawala

Adding new-age zest and vigour to traditional ideas, Umair's commitment to integrity, ingenuity and innovation makes him one of the most sought after trainers in the development sphere.