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Causes - SoLF

Citizenship & Peace


Pakistan is faced with multi-faceted challenges despite being blessed with enormous resources and talent. With over 60% of the population part of the youth or young adult segment, bridging the gap between the civil society, community leaders and the youth population appears imperative.

Our Citizenship & Peace programmes are aimed at:

  1. Nurturing trust & understanding between various stakeholders of the community
  2. Facilitating advocacy initiatives such as policy dialogues & public campaigning
  3. Attaching responsibilities to the common notion of demanding rights
  4. Breeding stories of change to produce a counter-narrative to violent extremism
  5. Inculcating participation, inclusiveness & accountability at all levels

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Awareness & Training


Energy alone is not sufficient for change. With energy, a thought-out direction, skill-set and the right attitude is essential for substantial, constructive action. The low-quality of education, dearth of role-models and lack of guidance established in our eyes the need for taking up the cause of ‘Awareness & Training’.

We aim to:

  1. Sensitize the Pakistani society regarding burning development issues
  2. Develop the needed skill-set to address personal, community & societal challenges
  3. Contextualizing the global & producing further local thought & tools for action
  4. Prepare community leaders & facilitators to reach out to the depth & the width of the population

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Health & Livelihood


Survival & sustenance are essential for an empowered society. The staggering health & livelihood statistics set the ground for our ‘Health & Livelihood’ domain, the purpose of which is to:

  1. Facilitate awareness & access to quality health information & services
  2. Create platforms to support enterprise thinking & implementation
  3. Turn talent into employable talent for dignified living
  4. Set up mechanisms to mentor future leaders, entrepreneurs & professionals

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