We believe in using our power for good (that may sound cliched and simplistic but it’s true!). Nucleus is a product of this very quest. Launched in 2015, Nucleus is a network of youth organizations from all over Pakistan. The concept is to strengthen, scale and sustain youth development by creating a central hub where ideas are generated, initiatives taken, resources shared and opportunities created. Currently consisting of 47 organizations, Nucleus is all set to grow and spread its branches wherever youth organizations exist in Pakistan.


  • Work in collaboration and promote each other’s vision
  • Build capacity on an individual and organizational level
  • Enable partners to achieve the model of self-sustainability and social  entrepreneurship
  • Promote work for community development

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What is Nucleus

What is Nucleus?

Umair Jaliawala talks about the idea behind Nucleus!

Posted by Nucleus on Tuesday, October 21, 2014