According to the United Nations, 10 per cent of Pakistani’s popular suffers from some kind of disability. It is highly unfortunate that our society is discriminatory towards people with disabilities, and they are generally treated with contempt as unproductive individuals in both professional and familial settings.

School of Leadership Foundation is on a mission to change this mindset and prove that when somebody, regardless of their disability, is given the confidence and a bit of support and training, can do wonders because more often than not, they are more focused and determined than a typical person per se.

ExtraCorp is an umbrella organization, which provides entrepreneurial opportunities to the physically and mentally challenged youth so they can set up, own, manage and lead a cluster of enterprises.


Bäckerei was launched in 2006 as a workshop and a bakery run by disabled youth in Karachi. School of Leadership Foundation helped young disabled people set it up, own, manage and lead the enterprise to economically empower themselves. Bäckerei is the first of its kind in Pakistan, it serves specialized German confectionary and assorted European goodies.

SoLF trained these young disabled entrepreneurs on how to use a wide range of skills from managing accounts to forming and leading teams. A German chef was invited to come to Pakistan to provide culinary training on baking quality products for special occasions and to cater to a wide variety of taste preferences.

The shop is located on 24th Commercial Street, DHA, Phase 2 extension, opposite the LRBT office, behind Sunset Club.


Pleasures is another enterprise by ExtraCorp, being run by people with various disabilities who create handicrafts and sell at exhibitions and various outlets. These hand crafted items include bags, accessories, frames, pottery and apparel.

Pleasures is mainly run by Burhan Ahad, and is one of the most cherished projects of ExtraCorp. Orders for handicrafts and accessories can be placed at: 111-000-765 Ext: 132

Rangeela – the desi cafe

Lately, there has been a substantial growth in the number of bakeries and cafes around Karachi, which have become part of Karachi’s subculture. People not only come there to relax and unwind, they are also quite popular during the day for people to come for business meetings. Such outlets typically cater to the class who can afford the “expensive” cup o’ joe. This urged ExtraCorp to initiate another venture called Rangeela – the desi cafÃ, which caters to ethnic tastes – in terms of cuisine as well as the décor.

Rangeela offers quality goods and services, and most importantly, taps into a huge market of those belonging to other economic strata.