SoLF is a national-scale organization founded in 2004 as the Field of Dreams. SoLF has nurtured numerous social projects and change-makers ever since. In 2012, SoLF was relaunched with the tagline ‘Growing Human Capital’ and today it enjoys partnerships with key public and private sector organizations and is widely recognized for its break-through ideas, creative communication, training & facilitation, and thematic project management.

SoLF’s efforts have always found great appeal in development circles and have attracted partners with similar objectives leading to sustained efforts in most of its endeavors. Sustainability is embedded in the core of how SoLF carries out its interventions; inspiring the community, creating cause champions, sharing knowledge and laying the foundations that foster innovation.

SoLF has also worked extensively for training designing & executing competency enhancement programs on thematic areas to develop facilitation, administrative, management, leadership & team skills.

Our Vision is to see a world where everyone is cared for, has a voice, enjoys dignity and feels part of all-encompassing humanity. We see a Pakistan where individuals from all backgrounds – young and old, male and female – have woken up to their individual and collective responsibility of making a positive difference in their immediate spheres of influence. We see a nation that is characterized by a life of vision, diversity, integrity, and simplicity.

Our Strategy is to collaborate with individuals and organizations who share in our dream, to achieve challenging, meaningful, and inspiring ends.

Our World has more than sufficient resources to ensure such aspirations are realized. All we need is to connect those who have with those who need it. To this end, we continue learning, growing and expanding our capacities to strengthen and sustain our mission.

Our Life becomes significant only when we live on purpose and play an active part in passing on the ‘baton’ to coming generations in better shape than in which we received it.