Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge 3.0

Theme: Alleviating Lives of People and The Planet

Geographical Spread: Across Pakistan

Name of Client: UNICEF & UNDP

Duration of Assignment: November 2021 – November 2022

Apply now for the Generation Unlimited imaGen Ventures Youth Challenge 2021/22.

Application Form Link:

Application Deadline Date: 09 February 2022

Generation Unlimited is a world leading public-private-youth partnership (PPYP) platform that aims to ensure that every young person aged 10-24, including girls and young women, is either learning and/or working by 2030. It brings together public, private and youth actors to co-create, unlock investment and resources, and scale up innovative solutions related to secondary age-education, skills for employment including entrepreneurship, employability, and youth engagement. Young people are engaged in every aspect of the partnership, leading, informing, advising, and helping implement at every step of the way.

The Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge is a flagship holistic social entrepreneurship and youth engagement initiative that tackles skill-building, employability, and social impact while building confidence and empowerment among the most marginalized adolescents/young people globally. It is designed to engage marginalized adolescents/youth as creators of solutions to the challenges that they face in their lives in the areas of education, skills, employment and empowerment. Its three core goals are:

  1. Generate solutions and enterprises at the local level that support future employment and entrepreneurship;
  2. Empower adolescents and young people and build resilience and transferable employability and entrepreneurial skills; and
  3. Focus on targeted beneficiaries from marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds and fosters their participation and civic engagement

The first GenU Youth Challenge was implemented in 16 different countries throughout 2018/2019. In Pakistan, it was co-hosted by Generation Unlimited partner – UNICEF. The second GenU Youth Challenge took place from 2019 to 2020 was again co-hosted by UNICEF and UNDP.

As of 2021, with presence in over 43 countries, reaching over 15 million young people, and involving over 200 organizations, in its first two Youth Challenge rounds, the Youth Challenge 3.0 is aiming to convene the networks, assets and resources to co-create and co-host the third Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge in at least 35 countries.

Objectives of this Youth Challenge:

  • Engage youth from more disadvantaged/ marginalized background as problem solvers (rather than just as beneficiaries)
  • Generate youth-led solutions and enterprises at the local level that can contribute to Generation Unlimited strategic priorities globally
  • Showcase (on a global stage) inspirational young ‘solvers’, creating role models from disadvantaged communities
  • Build citizenship, employability and entrepreneurship skills, experience and networks for disadvantaged young people

Same as last year, this year again the Youth Challenge encourages creatives and problem-solvers from around the country to generate solutions under the broad theme, Alleviating Lives of People and the Planet.

  • Alleviating Lives of People asks young Challengers to do their part to innovate solutions to problems in health, education, employment, accessibility, mental health and gender parity. Innovative ideas that provide solutions for improving skills and standards of living are encouraged to apply:
    1. Improving access to sustainable livelihoods and entrepreneurial opportunities;
    2. Providing universal access to basic social services including mental health;
    3. Empowering young girls and women to have skills for meaningful and decent work;
    4. Provide access to technology and innovation especially for building accessible and inclusive learning platforms, so young people with and without disabilities can learn together.
  • Similarly, participants submitting an application under the subcategory of Alleviating the Planet, the Youth Challenge will welcome ideas from young people for Climate change mitigation and adaptation that goes beyond tree plantation drives and includes nature based approaches for impact. Innovative ideas, especially those that integrate technology for scalability will be encouraged under the sub-thematic components mentioned below.
  1. Solid Waste Management
  2. Sustainable Energy
  3. Water and Sanitation
  4. Clean and Green Environment

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Your team must have at least three members, including you.
  • Teams are eligible that are starting to work on a new idea or project. For example, for this particular challenge young people cannot apply if:
    • They have already received funding to develop the idea.
    • They are already a registered company or community organization
  • Every member of your team must be aged between 14- 24 years.
  • We welcome teams of all genders or none and include diversity of all kinds of identity – gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, etc
  • Every member of your team must be available to join all days of the workshop and the orientation session
  • If selected for local seed funding and mentorship, you need to be able to commit to implementing your idea, which could last until at least July 2022
  • If selected for global seed funding, you need to be able to commit to ongoing implementation.

Benefits of Applying:

  • 11 best ideas will be selected for a Human Centered Design Bootcamp.
  • Top 5 ideas will receive US$1000 seed funding and mentorship for changing the idea into reality.
  • Get a chance to meet experts.

Application Details:

Have an idea that can improve people’s lives or contribute towards combating climate change? Apply now for the Generation Unlimited imaGen Ventures Youth Challenge 2021/22.

Application Form Link:

Application Deadline Date: 09 February 2022

  • UNICEF’s objective through Generation Unlimited Youth Challenge has been revolving around three strands: identifying solutions, increasing funding: collaborating with diverse partners, and fostering the participation of young people.
  • In Pakistan, the contest proactively aimed for gender equality and education and hence revolved around the idea which will initially empower the youth of Pakistan.
  • Open call for application announced for young people aged (14-24) around Pakistan to submit the idea about the change they were aiming for keeping in mind the theme of the challenge.
  • Campus and community drives were scheduled in all over Pakistan to spread information about the challenge more productively.
  • After reviewing all the applications, 10 teams were selected to take their ideas forward and were engaged in the human-centered design 2-Day Pre-Bootcamp and 3-Day Bootcamp.
  • Five teams were qualified for the next round of the challenge and are in the phase of preparing for designing high-potential solutions that can bring improvements around the targeted audience with three months of mentorship and USD 1,000 seed funding.
  • Among the global participants from 40 countries, Pakistan’s two teams’ submission from Pakistan will be sent to the Global team for USD 20,000 and a year incubation plan.